Shellac Nails 14 Day Manicure Shellac nail varnish is chip resistant for up to 14 days, nails dry instantly so no more chips or smudges!
Visit our salon in Stony Stratford to find out more about our Shellac Nails, we can offer a range of treatments.
McCarthy Beauty Clinic also provide nail art so please ask about our extensive range of nail art.



Over 180 fashion forward colours


Industry leading training based on 30 years experience


Bespoke treatments to help the natural nail stay healthy and encourage nail growth


Lasts for 3+ weeks with a high gloss shine


100% Vegan Gels


Cruelty Free


Professional product available ONLY to trained technicians

T = Therapist, ST = Senior Therapist, HT = Head Therapist

Gels Clear

  • T£36.00
  • ST£37.00
  • HT£38.00

Gel Pedicure

  • T£47.00
  • ST£49.00
  • HT£50.00

Gel Colour/French

  • T£40.00
  • ST£41.00
  • HT£42.00

Gel Sculptures

  • T£57.00
  • ST£58.00
  • HT£60.00

Gel Colour Toes

  • T£35.00
  • ST£36.00
  • HT£37.00

Shellac Nails 14 Day Manicure

Shellac nail colour is chip resistent for up to 14 days, nails dry instantly so no more chips or smudges.

Shellac Manicure

  • T£37.00
  • ST£38.00
  • HT£39.00

Shellac Pedicure

  • T£44.00
  • ST£45.00
  • HT£46.00


  • T£29.00
  • ST£30.00
  • HT£31.00

File & Varnish

  • T£19.00
  • ST£20.00
  • HT£22.00

Shellac French Manicure

  • T£37.50
  • ST£39.50
  • HT£41.00


  • T£36.50
  • ST£37.50
  • HT£39.00

French Manicure

  • T£30.00
  • ST£31.00
  • HT£32.00

Gel Removal

  • T£16.00
  • ST£16.00
  • HT£16.00

Shellac File & Varnish

  • T£26.00
  • ST£27.00
  • HT£28.00

Deluxe Pedicure

  • T£44.00
  • ST£45.00
  • HT£46.00

Deluxe Manicure

  • T£36.00
  • ST£37.00
  • HT£38.00

Shellac Removal

  • T£13.00
  • ST£13.00
  • HT£13.00

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Please give at least 24 hours notice when cancelling appointments otherwise a 50% charge may be made.