Hydraderm cellular energy eye logic

Eyelash Extension in Milton Keynes Gorgeous eyelashes are the dream of every woman and one of our areas of expertise here at at McCarthy Beauty Clinic. If you’re looking to find the perfect balance between glamorous and natural-looking eyelashes then treat yourself to our professional eyelash extensions, now available in Milton Keynes. We exclusively use JINNYlash eyelash extensions, the number one choice for celebrities and A-list personalities. A wide range of semi-permanent eyelash sets are available, featuring several lengths, curl types, and colours. Our trained eyelash therapists will help you choose the most flattering option and ensure that you leave our salon in love with your new eyelashes.

T = Therapist, ST = Senior Therapist, HT = Head Therapist


Hydraderm Cellular Energy Eye Logic(50 mins)

This is a contouring treatment that targets the delicate eye area. This 3
step teatment will help to eliminate wrinkles, puffiness & dark circles.

  • T£48.00
  • ST£50.00
  • HT £52.00

Eyebrow Thread

  • T £11.50
  • ST£12.50
  • HT £13.50

Lash/Brow Tint/shape*

  • T £26.50
  • ST£27.50
  • HT £28.50

Eyebrow Tint*

  • T £11.50
  • ST£12.50
  • HT £13.50

McCarthy’s Precision Brows*

  • T £23
  • ST£24
  • HT £25

Eyelash Tint *

  • T £21.00
  • ST£22.00
  • HT £23.00

*a patch test is required 24 hrs before first treatment